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What are limitations for Pseudowire Label Switch Path Load Sharing?

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TitleWhat are limitations for Pseudowire Label Switch Path Load Sharing?
What are limitations for Pseudowire Label Switch Path Load Sharing?
  • EXOS
  • All EXOS platforms
  • Pseudowire Label Switch Path Load Sharing
Feature limitations:
  • Support only for RSVP TE and Static LSPs (Named LSPs).
  • Named LSPs must be configured for each PW.
  • LSP-Sharing must be enabled in order to be able to configure more than one Transport LSP for a given PW.
  • Multiple PWs can use the same LSP, or set of LSPs (same as today).
  • A maximum of 16 or 64 LSPs per PW can be configured, depending on the platform.
  • If LSP-sharing is disabled when more than 1 LSP is programmed into ExtremeXOS, all LSPs used by the PW, except one, will be removed from ExtremeXOS (HAL). The configuration will not be modified.
  • A single default load sharing hashing algorithm is used. When multiple Transport LSPs are configured for a PW, the PW will be UP as long as one Transport LSP is available
  • HW counters are only supported for PW packet counts (VC LSP), not Transport LSP (outer label).
  • No support for VPWS.
  • ECMP is not supported in slow-path forwarding.
  • ECMP is not supported for flood traffic (unknown unicast, multicast, broadcast). These packets will only go over one LSP.
  • When multiple LSPs are configured for use by a PW, the HW counts packets for the PW only, and not individual LSPs associated with the PW. So, if there are six LSPs in use for a given PW, you will not be able to display packet counts for each individual Transport LSP.
Platforms Supported:
  • Summit X460-G2 (16 LSPs)
  • Summit X670-G2 (16 LSPs)
  • Summit X670 (64 LSPs per PW)
  • Summit X770 (16 LSPs per PW)
  • BlackDiamondX8 (64 LSPs per PW)
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