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What are prerequisites for ExtremeLocation deployment using WiNG APs?

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TitleWhat are prerequisites for ExtremeLocation deployment using WiNG APs?
Before starting with ExtremeLocation you shall read Quick start guide and prepare WiNG APs to feed ELocation with data.
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For basic ExtremeLocation functionality you have to configure your APs' radio interface for Radio-Share mode.

Navigate to Configuration - Profiles - profile - Interface - Radios - Radio Settings and select Promiscuous mode

User-added image

Consider also use of Off-Channel scanning so AP will check multiple channels
(This will be disabled if Smart-RF is used on radio)

User-added image

Another task needed is to identify Location tracking server under RF-Domain configuration
Navigate to Configuration - RF-Domains - domain - Sensor select Sensor Policy and specify Location Tracking System and add your ExtremeLocation server ( port 443)

Location server address

You can do the same using CLI commands
VX# configure
Enter configuration commands, one per line.  End with CNTL/Z.
VX(config)# profile ap7532 default-ap7532
VX(config-profile-default-ap7532)# interface radio 2
VX(config-profile-default-ap7532-if-radio2)# radio-share-mode promiscuous
VX(config-profile-default-ap7532-if-radio2)# off-channel-scan
%Warning: off-channel-scan is disabled if smart-rf is enabled.

VX(config)# rf-domain AP
VX(config-rf-domain-AP)# location-server 1 ip port 443
VX(config-rf-domain-AP)# commit write

NOTE: Each Access Point at rf-domain configured to use Extreme Location Server must be able to reach to Location server.

This is all what you need to do (for basic overlay functionality) on WiNG side.

The advanced configuration and ExtremeLocation details may be found in ExtremeLocation Quick Start Guide
Additional notes
More ExtremeLocation documents available under article Where can I find documentation for Extreme Location?



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