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What are the EXOS OIDs for CPU and memory utilization?

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TitleWhat are the EXOS OIDs for CPU and memory utilization?

What are the EXOS OIDs for CPU and memory utilization?

  • EXOS
  • Summit
  • BlackDiamond
  • The OIDs for CPU utilization and free memory are and respectively. The last digit of the free memory OID references the slot number and should be changed for stacks and modular switches to reflect the slot of interest.
  • The SNMP MIB “extremeCpuMonitorTotalUtilization” (Total CPU utilization (percentage) as of last sampling).
  • In the top command, we probably should be looking at the overall SYS CPU utilization rather than summing up the individual processes. Though not accurate with the top output, the value should be approximately equal in the SNMP response and the overall sys CPU of the top command.
  • The “extremeCpuMonitorTotalUtilization” is calculating the total CPU utilize by components showing in “show cpu-monitoring” command. The “extremeCpuMonitorTotalUtilization” is  showing the user + system + irq usage of CPU.
​Usr: cpu usage for the protocol running within the appliance (ex: vrrp, ospf)
Sys: CPU usage generated by the kernel
Irq: hardware interrupt (ex: interrupts when there is a problem with the port)

Additional notes


Please see article "Location of Extreme Networks MIBs (Management Information Base)" for the location of MIB files for the EXOS and EOS based switches. 



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