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What are the Radio Attenuation Settings Used for?

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TitleWhat are the Radio Attenuation Settings Used for?
What are the Radio Attenuation Settings Used for?
  • IdentiFi Wireless
  • AP3865E
  • Attenuation
  • Professional Install
  • WDS
  • Wireless Bridge
  • Antenna
  • The Radio1 and Radio 2 Attenuation settings under the Professional Install menu button are used to adjust signal strength.
  • The default Radio attenuation setting is 0db. Access Point selection range is from 0 to 30 dBI.
  • The attenuation value can go up towards 30 to increase the output signal (to the max per channel supported(not 30)) to compensate for cable and connector loses during the professional install. 
Additional notes
Attenuation Definition: Attenuation is a general term that refers to any reduction in the strength of a signal. Attenuation occurs with any type of signal, whether digital or analog. Sometimes called loss, attenuation is a natural consequence of signal transmission over long distances. The extent of attenuation is usually expressed in units called decibels (dBs).

Extreme Networks recommends that Antennas and Access Points be installed and serviced by a qualified licensed technician, electrician, or electrical maintenance person familiar with its operation and the hazards involved. Proper installation, which includes wiring, mounting, fusing or other over current protection and grounding, can reduce the chance of electric shocks, fires, or explosion in this product or in products used within this product. 



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