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What are the expectations of Partners who support Partnerworks PW & Partnerworks Plus PWP contracts

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TitleWhat are the expectations of Partners who support Partnerworks PW & Partnerworks Plus PWP contracts
What are the expectations of the partners that support partnerworks and partnerworks plus contracts?
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1. What customer expectations are
Customer to contact their Partner directly for support. The partner will interact with Extreme GTAC as needed. GTAC will not interact with customer directly.

2. What Partner expectations are

  • Make sure the customer knows you are the point of contact
  • Work with the customer to define scope of problem. This means what, when and how. Gather all appropriate logs.
  • Problem isolation
  • Review release notes for product known anomalies and fixes
  • Determination of defects in product specifications
  • Lab simulation and reasonable interoperability testing where applicable
  • Duplication of customer problems
  • Defining action plans for problem resolution
  • Analyzing system logs including, but not limited to, error logs, core files, etc.
  • Escalating technical issues not previously resolved by partners internal support infrastructure
  • Assisting customers in resolving hardware issues, including the return material authorization (“RMA”) process, as necessary

3. What Extreme Support (TAC) expectations are.
We work with PartnerWorks Plus Partners who have met above requirements to further define, resolve and if needed escalate issue. This assumes that all required logs have been gathered and sent to the GTAC.

Extreme Networks provides the following GTAC services to partners certified engineers participating in the PartnerWorks Program. These services are provided remotely:

  • 24x7x365 worldwide coverage
  • Create a Service Request number for each GTAC case
  • Case management, escalation and real time access to case status and details
  • The provision of a Operational Software fix, patch or workaround
  • High level technical assistance and troubleshooting of problems not diagnosed during the partner’s support efforts
Additional notes
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