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What are the pre-requisites for deploying my access point with the ExtremeCloud solution?

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TitleWhat are the pre-requisites for deploying my access point with the ExtremeCloud solution?
  • What are the prerequisites for deploying my access point with the ExtremeCloud solution? 
  • What ports do I need to allow through for ExtremeCloud to work?
  • ExtremeCloud
  • AP39xx
  • Content Filtering
  • NTP
  • SSL (443)
  • Firewall
  • WiNG
  • Ports
The following prerequisites must be met before you can register your device with the ExtremeCloud: User-added image 
  • You have purchased a cloud subscription contract and received a supported device.
  • You have received a Welcome email with a service contract number, if not contact your Salesperson. - How to setup a new account on the ExtremeCloud wireless solution.
  • The Welcome email has been forwarded to the network administrator, this will usually take 24 hours from the time requested. 
  • You have identified the location where you will deploy the device.
  • Your company has configured a DHCP server that can issue IP addresses and provide a DNS server address to your AP.
  • HTTPS traffic must be allowed through your firewall on port 443 for ExtremeCloud-managed APs and switches to connect to ExtremeCloud and receive their configuration, software updates and send analytics.
  • Network Time Protocol (NTP) is allowed out through your firewall on port 123 so that the APs can submit NTP queries to to set their clocks.
  • If a campus controller is already deployed at your site and discoverable from the AP installation point, you must configure any on-premise controller to allow only approved APs to register with the controller. (This action disallows the cloud-enabled APs to connect to it.) Note that the AP connection is not predicted in the case of both an on-premise controller and the ExtremeCloud server accepting an AP.
  • You meet the additional requirements stated in the ExtremeCloud Release Notes.
  • NOTE: The site must not block multicast on the ap ports, multicast is used to exchange session information about the clients between access points. Roaming issues can occur if SIAPP is not working - Clients are presented with the Portal Splash page upon roaming to another Access Point in an Extreme Cloud Wireless network

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