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What are the states for SNMP OID ifOperStatus 2 and 6

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TitleWhat are the states for SNMP OID ifOperStatus 2 and 6
What are the states for SNMP OID ifOperStatus for the 40gig ports
EXOS all
The state (6) will be seen on the “virtual” ports if the 40g ports are configured as 1 x 40g and you will see these “virtual” ports become (1) or (2) as soon a 40g ports is partitioned in 4 x 10g ports.

Name: ifOperStatus
Full path: iso(1).org(3).dod(6).internet(1).mgmt(2).mib-2(1).interfaces(2).ifTable(2).ifEntry(1).ifOperStatus(8)
Module: IF-MIB

Numerical syntax: Integer (32 bit)
Base syntax: INTEGER
Composed syntax: INTEGER
Status: current
Max access: read-only
Value list: 1: up(1)
2: down(2)
3: testing(3)
4: unknown(4)
5: dormant(5)
6: notPresent(6)
7: lowerLayerDown(7)

Description: The current operational state of the interface.
The testing(3) state indicates that no operational packets can be passed.
If ifAdminStatus is down(2) then ifOperStatus should be down(2).
If ifAdminStatus is changed to up(1) then ifOperStatus should change to up(1)
if the interface is ready to transmit and receive network traffic; it should change to dormant(5)
if the interface is waiting for external actions (such as a serial line waiting for an incoming connection); it should remain in the down(2) state
if and only if there is a situation that prevents it from going to the up(1) state;
it should remain in the notPresent(6) state if the interface has missing (typically, hardware) components.
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