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What commands show port vlan and tagging information

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TitleWhat commands show port vlan and tagging information
What commands show port vlan and egress details?
  • S-Series
  • N Series
  • K Series
  • Securestack
  • Tagged
  • Untagged
  • Egress
  • Port
  • Firmware all versions
  • Vlan
The following commands will verify port vlan details

1. Type show port status (port string) Verify the port has a link as you will not see vlan status until the port has active link
2. Type show vlan portinfo port {port string} 
3. Type show vlan static {vlan id} This command will show port vlan settings even if there is no link. 
4. Type show vlan portinfo [port port-string] [vlan vlan]
5.Type show config  ( verify port settings from the configuration )
6. Type s
how port vlan  ( This shows the ports native vlan. Each port may only have one native vlan id assigned. Ports can egress many tagged vlans )
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