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What do the AP36xx LED colors represent?

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TitleWhat do the AP36xx LED colors represent?
What do the AP36xx LED colors represent?
  • IdentiFi Wireless
  • Access Point
  • AP3610
  • AP3620
  • AP3605
  • All firmware versions

Chart of LED patterns from Left to Right under normal operation:
LED 1 = PowerLED 2 = Link statusLED 3 = 5.0 GHz radioLED 4 = 2.4 GHz radio
Green10mb - Amber802.11a - Green802.11g - Green
 100mb - Green802.11n - Blue802.11n - Blue
 1gb - Blue  

Chart of LED patterns from Left to Right for troubleshooting diagnostics: 
LED 1 Only
Blink Amber -  Initialization and discovery in progress via WDS
Blink Red -  Error during initialization and discovery
Solid Green - Discovery finished via Ethernet
Solid Amber - Discovery finished via WDS
LED 3LED4LED1Detailed State
OffOffBlink GreenInitialization: Power-on self test (POST)
OffBlink GreenBlink Green/RedInitialization: Power-on self test (POST)
OffSolid GreenBlink Green/Red/AmberInitialization: Power-on self test (POST)
Blink GreenOffBlink Green/AmberNetwork discovery: 802.1x authentication
Blink GreenOffBlink Red Failed 802.1x authentication
Blink GreenBlink GreenBlink Green/AmberNetwork discovery: DHCP
Blink GreenBlink GreenBlink RedDefault IP address
Blink GreenSolid GreenBlink Green/AmberNetwork discovery: EWC discovery / connect
Blink GreenSolid GreenBlink RedDiscovery failed
Solid GreenOffBlink Green/AmberConnecting to EWC: Registration
Solid GreenOffBlink RedRegistration failed
Solid GreenBlink Green Blink Green/AmberConnecting to EWC: Image upgrade
Solid GreenBlink GreenSolid Green /AmberAP operating normally: Forced image upgrade
Solid GreenBlink GreenBlink RedImage upgrade failed
Solid GreenSolid GreenBlink Green /AmberConnecting to EWC: Getting Configuration
Solid GreenSolid GreenBlink RedConfiguration failed
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