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What does each field in show ntp associations mean?

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TitleWhat does each field in show ntp associations mean?
Explanationforwhat show ntp associations means for the follow columns.

MLX-8 Router# sh ntp associations
address ref clock st when poll reach delay offset disp
~ 16 - 1024 0 0.00 0.000 16000.
*~ 1 141 1024 377 74.335 -13.3338 19.660
* synced, # selected, + candidate, - outlayer, x falseticker, ~ configured

STEP in the show NTP associations is as follows:
- When the offset (time difference b/w MLX and peer) is between 128 msec and 1000 sec, it is announced that the peer is in STEP .

The Action done with respect to the STEP is as follows:

1- Our MLX box will step (jump) into the peers time
2- Clears the information regarding the peer in our MLX box

When the synchronized peer reaches the STEP, all the associations or the peer's details should be cleaned and reset to the default value.
After reaching the STEP state, our box will start to poll each peer in the MINPOLL (64s) interval, from where the correct peer is selected to synchronize.

address or system peers (the best available peer, and the one from which your server's own stratum will be derived).
Alsomeans it is notthe system peer, but it will take part in the time calculation.

Note: stratum 1 is the most reliable clock (atomic clock) whereas stratum 16 is least reliable

when column says how far ntp is through the current polling cycle for that peer.

poll says how long the polling cycle is -- when when reaches poll it sends out another request.

reach is a bitmap showing which of the last 8 requests were successful (377 means all of them).

offset represents the difference in time between our box and the NTP server.
If it is negative, then our box is more advanced in time than the NTP server.

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