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What interfaces are supported by VX9000?

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TitleWhat interfaces are supported by VX9000?
Many interfaces are listed in the VX9000 controllers profile, but which ones are supported?
#show run
-- omitted --
profile nx9000 default-nx9000
-- Omitted --
 interface xge1
 interface xge2
 interface xge3
 interface xge4
 interface ge1
 interface ge2
-- omitted --
  • WiNG 5.x
  • VX9000
  • CLI
  • SSH
  • Interfaces: ge1ge2, xge1, xge2, xge3 and xge4
The VX9000 platform currently only supports the use of the ge1 Interface although the profile also lists interfaces ge2, xge1, xge2, xge3 and xge4.

These additional interfaces (ge2, xge1, xge2, xge3 and xge4) are there because the VX9000 uses the same configuration template as the NX9600 which is a hardware platform that has these interfaces built-in whereas the VX9000 does not, and as such cannot be used. 

There is potential to add support for Interface ge2 in the future as it may be useful to have a second ge interface available, but it is currently not supported.
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