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What is ADSP Platform License and who do need it?

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TitleWhat is ADSP Platform License and who do need it?
Why or When do I need an AirDefense platform license? 
  • ADSP
  • AirDefense
  • Air Defense
  • 9.0.3 to curent 
Customers who want to use AirDefense Server on NX-9500 platform or virtual platforms based Xen hypervisor and VMWare vSphere must need ADSP base platform license (SP-SWSV-P-1) to enable ADSP functionality on these platforms.

ADSP 9.0.3 release introduced support for virtual platforms. So, the AirDefense Server can be hosted and run on non-AirDefense appliances. ADSP is supported on the following virtualization platforms.
• Xen - Hypervisor and Cloud platforms
• VMWare - vSphere (ESXi)
Customers who want to install AirDefense Sever on their virtual platform can do so by purchasing the following ADSP base platform license.

SP-SWSV-P-1  AirDefense ADSP Server Software License for Primary Server. 
Additional notes
Note: customers, running AirDefense Server on other supported platforms such as SV-125x, SV-365x, and SV-425x do not require a license to operate. The platform license for these appliances is natively included within the appliance.

The platform license included on existing Motorola ADSP appliances like SV-1252, SV-3652, SV-4250, and NX9500 can’t be transferred to a platform license that is to be used with a new virtual platform.



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