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What is Co and Adjacent Channel Interference

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TitleWhat is Co and Adjacent Channel Interference
  • What is co-channel interference?
  • What is adjacent channel interference?
  • identiFi Wireless
  • Co-channel interference (CCI)
  • Adjacent channel interference (ACI)
Co-channel interference occurs when 2 or more AP's are using the same channel.  It causes unnecessary contention as all AP's and clients will be forced to defer transmissions until the medium is clear.  802.11 is designed to cope with this situation but it can cause a loss of throughput.

Adjacent channel interference is more serious and occurs when 2 or more AP's are on overlapping channels, for example channel 1 + 4 on the 2.4Ghz band.  ACI creates overlap in the frequency space causing corrupted data and layer 2 re-transmissions.
Additional notes
Both of these problems can be solved or minimized with a valid channel reuse design.

For 5Ghz see: How to create a 5GHz WiFi Channel Plan
For 2.4Ghz, the procedure would be the same as 5Ghz but due to a limited number of non-overlapping channels ie 3 it is a lot more difficult.
Another option would be to review Do I need an RF Survey and how to use Wireless ACS and ATPC with RF Survey?



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