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What is "EMC_VARS" ?

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TitleWhat is "EMC_VARS" ?
What is "EMC_VARS"?
  • Extreme Management Center
  • 8.0.x
The emc_vars global object is a python dictionary containing all the global variables previously accessible to TCL scripts.

The following are all the variables available:
serverIP: server IP address
serverVersion: server version
serverName: server host name
time: current date at server (yyyy-MM-dd)
date: current time at server (HH:mm:ss z)
userName: EMC user name
userDomain: EMC user domain name
auditLogEnabled: true/false if audit log is supported
scriptTimeout: max script timeout in secs
scriptOwner: scripts owner
deviceName: DNS name of selected device
deviceIP: IP address of the selected device
deviceId: device DB ID
deviceLogin: login user for the selected device
devicePwd logn: password for the selected device
deviceSoftwareVer: software image version number on the device
deviceType: device type of the selected device
deviceSysOid: device system object id
deviceVR: device virtual router name
cliPort: telnet/ssh port
isExos: true/false. Is this device an EXOS device?
family: device family name
vendor: vendor name
deviceASN: AS number of the selected device
port: selected ports
vrName: selected port(s) VR name
ports: all device ports
accessPorts: all ports which have config role access
interSwitchPorts: all ports which have config role interswitch
managementPorts: all ports which have config role management
Additional notes
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