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What is Elastic Storage feature?

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TitleWhat is Elastic Storage feature?
What is Elastic Storage feature?
  • All Summit WM3000 Series Controllers
  • ExtremeWiNG Controllers
  • WirelessWiNG Controllers
  • ExtremeWiNG Access Points
  • WirelessWiNG Acess Points
  • WiNG v5.X Software
Elastic Storage support for NSight, ExtremeGuest gives ability to dynamically allocate storage after the initial configuration of VX (NSight, ExtremeGuest) without having to repartition the disk.

CLI commands are including following:

vx9000-2#virtual-machine volume-group ?

  add-drive            Add drive to volume group

  replace-drive        Replace drive in volume group

  resize-drive         Resize [increase] physical drive in volume group

  resize-volume-group  Resize [increase] volume group

There are some limitations when using Elastic Storage feature:
  • No backward compatibility for upgrades. New VX9000 installation is required.
  • No downgrade below
  • Supported Hypervisors: VMWare ESXi, MS Hyper-V.
  • Not supported on XenServer and Amazon EC2
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