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What is ExtremeWireless Sites Mode?

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TitleWhat is ExtremeWireless Sites Mode?
What is ExtremeWireless Sites Mode?
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Within ExtremeWireless the Sites parameter provides the ability to create logical Access Point groupings that can represent a remote physical site or logical areas in a remote building or campus using a bridged at AP topology. This type of deployment is generally used in a larger remote location when a controller and the remote site are separated across the WAN and there is a need to ensure that new users can connect even if the controller is unavailable. Each site can contain up to 50 Access Points and support up to 2000 wireless clients. Because the wireless controller is not located on premise with the site, the ExtremeWireless solution offers specific features allowing for secure access and resilient site management. The Sites configuration provides a secure control traffic channel between the Site APs and the wireless controller for secure connections across the WAN.

Common configuration parameters and Roles are stored on each AP to provide efficient communications and access when the controller is unavailable. When configured in Site mode, APs that lose connection to their controller can accept new clients for either MAC-based or 802.1X authentication. In addition, 802.1X authentication can be accomplished at the remote site from the Access Point. Each Access Point in the same site maintains a list of all wireless client sessions (Session Cache) by using Extreme Networks’ proprietary Site Session Distribution protocol.
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