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What is MAC based VLANs and port based VLANs?

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TitleWhat is MAC based VLANs and port based VLANs?
What is MAC based VLANs and port based VLANs?
  • EXOS
  • AAA
  • Netlogin
  • MAC based VLANs
  • port based VLANs
As a networking engineer you are constantly adding ports to VLANs or VLANs to ports depending on the product you are using.  Assigning a port to a VLAN would be called "port based VLANs".  This is because you are mapping a port directly to a VLAN.  (This is how EXOS works by default.)  So now that we know "port based VLANs" map ports directly to a VLANs we can correctly infer that "MAC based VLANs" map a MAC addresses directly to VLANs.
How do you map a MAC address to VLANs?  "Port based VLANs" and "MAC based VLANs" are Netlogin configurations options.  When you use Netlogin with "MAC based VLANs" a supplicant gets authenticated to a VLAN, and the switch maps the supplicant's MAC to the VLAN the supplicant can use.  This allows for many VLANs to be untagged on a single port.  This is because with "MAC based VLANs" we are no-longer mapping VLANs to ports but actually mapping MAC address to VLANs.

MAC based VLANs:
Maps Netlogin authenticated supplicant MAC addresses directly to VLANs.

Port based VLANs (EXOS default):
Maps Netlogin authenticated supplicant ports directly to VLANs.

configure netlogin ports [all | port_list] mode [mac-based-vlans | port-basedvlans]
Additional notes
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Example CLI output of FDB with MAC based VLANs:
Switch# show fdb
Mac                     Vlan       Age  Flags           Port / Virtual Port List
00:04:96:98:ba:25    Default(0001) 0000  dhm           2
00:11:22:33:44:55      test2(0102) 0000 ndhm     v     1
Flags : d - Dynamic, s - Static, p - Permanent, n - NetLogin, m - MAC, i - IP,
        x - IPX, l - lockdown MAC, L - lockdown-timeout MAC, M- Mirror, B - Egress Blackhole,
        b - Ingress Blackhole, v - MAC-Based VLAN, P - Private VLAN, T - VLAN translation,
        D - drop packet, h - Hardware Aging, o - IEEE 802.1ah Backbone MAC,
        S - Software Controlled Deletion, r - MSRP,
        X - VXLAN, Z - OpenFlow




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