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What is the ECCN for Wing Controller model NX-5500-100R0-WR

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TitleWhat is the ECCN for Wing Controller model NX-5500-100R0-WR
What is the ECCN - Export Control Classification Number for WING Controller Model NX-5500-100R0-WR 
  • NX-5500-100R0-WR
  • ECCN
  • Export Control Classification Number
  • WING controller ECCN
  • International Shipping 

The ECCN for Model NX-5500-100R0-WR is 5A001.a.2/ENC Restricted.

The ECCN and License exception will need to be checked with the regulation in each destination country.  If this item is shipped to a sensitive government end user, it would be subject to the shipping origin and destination country license controls.
Extreme Networks is providing you with the above details for informational purposes only. By providing this information, Extreme does not intend to provide legal advice with regard to any export/import transaction. Exporters/Importers are solely responsible for making their own assessment of their obligations under applicable U.S. or other export/import law however, and therefore are not entitled to rely on the accuracy or completeness of this information

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