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What is the Meaning of Frames Filtered in show port counters Output

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TitleWhat is the Meaning of Frames Filtered in show port counters Output
Why are frames filtered?

S-Series(su)->show port counters lag.0.1

Port: lag.0.1 MIB2 Interface: 1005001 Bridge Port: 2
No counter discontinuity time

MIB2 Interface Counters
In Octets 3539466351444
In Unicast Pkts 7130042120
In Multicast Pkts 7547288
In Broadcast Pkts 1535683
In Discards 0
In Errors 0
In Unknown Protocol 0
Out Octets 25721171670629
Out Unicast Pkts 14574457812
Out Multicast Pkts 5887391525
Out Broadcast Pkts 78647341
Out Discards 0
Out Errors 0
Out Queue Length na

802.1Q Switch Counters
Frames Received 2844157791
Frames Transmitted 3360734847
Frames Filtered 1647797

  • Securestack
  • S-Series
  • 7100-Series
  • K-Series
The Filtered Frames are the number of frames that are processed by soft path (CPU) and are not
forwarded back onto the physical network. One example when this happens is when a frame is filtered from a port, if the destination MAC is learned on a different port in the SAT.
 The frames filtered is normal for an Ethernet switch because filtering is part of a switches functionality. Another function of the switch is address learning and
those address are learned on the source port of a switch ( and build the Source Address Table (SAT). Once the MAC is associated with a port in the SAT then the switch will send traffic destined to the MAC, only to the port on which that MAC is learned and filter the frame from the other ports.
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