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What is the Target Path code for Agile DC products: MLX/CES/CER (NetIron), VDX (NOS), SLX (SLX-OS)?

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TitleWhat is the Target Path code for Agile DC products: MLX/CES/CER (NetIron), VDX (NOS), SLX (SLX-OS)?
What is the Target Path code for each SRA product?
  • MLX
  • CES
  • CER
  • XMR
  • SLX
  • VDX
This document provides guidance for choosing product software versions. A Target Path release is based on qualitative field experience and generally adheres to the following guidelines:
  • Wherever possible, a Target Path is recommended to customers who may not necessarily need the latest cutting edge features. Lettered patches released on the same code level as an identified Target Path release can also be considered as Target Path. In general, the latest (newest) lettered patch on the same code level as the identified Target Path is the version that should be recommended for any new upgrades
  • Extreme avoids, where possible, recommending Feature releases beyond the Target Path for customers looking for a single fix not in the Target Path Release train.
  • Customers who want the latest features may need a feature release beyond Target Path, and in these cases, typically the latest release is the preferred release to recommend.
  • When upgrading to any release (Target Path or latest feature release), you should always refer to the Release Notes, which might identify specific issues applicable to your network or corner case issues with a known work-around that you should take into account.
  • In instances where no Target Path release has been qualified or when known exceptions exist, Engineering's best estimate recommendation will also be listed. When no recommendation beyond Target Path is listed, then always refer to the latest release on the selected firmware version level. Always refer to release notes for any known issues, even when using Target Path.
Links for each product type are listed here:
Netiron (NI)
Network OS (NOS)
SLX-OS (All)
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