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What is the WNMP?

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TitleWhat is the WNMP?
What is the WNMP?
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the WNMP is standard for "Wireless Network Management Protocol" and used in mobility.
When a wireless client is roaming to other AP, the new AP sends a roaming notification inside the user-vlan using the WNMP message.

The WNMP frame has:
  • Client MAC address as source address
  • Multicast MAC address 01:A0:F8:F0:F0:04 as destination address
Therefore, with WNMP message:
  • Network switch can know that client MAC has moved to a different switch port
  • The new AP can initiate Firewall Flow migration for the wireless client using MINT as old AP informs the existing sessions
  • The APs (old one and new one) can synchronize credential cache information (PMK, PTK, FT, MAC keys and VLAN assignment for the client)
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