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What is the best practice to SNMP poll WiNG devices?

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TitleWhat is the best practice to SNMP poll WiNG devices?
In order not to overwhelm APs, how shall I configure SNMP polling on WiNG based network?
  • All Summit WM3000 Series Controllers
  • ExtremeWiNG Controllers
  • WirelessWiNG Controllers
  • ExtremeWiNG Access Points
  • WirelessWiNG Acess Points
  • WiNG 5.5+ Software
Based on the best practices and recommendations - few things to keep in mind when working with WiNG 5 and any SNMP based management / monitoring tool. 

Poll Interval
We recommend setting poll interval to at least 30 minutes as a minimum value. Lower intervals are too short to walk the whole table and will overload the Wireless Controller with too many SNMP requests. If polling a controller with thousands of access points, poll interval should be set down to at least 24 hours.

Polling Wireless Controllers from multiple SNMP hosts at the same time is not recommended. It is not recommended that you poll the Access Points directly when adopted by the controller.

The Wireless Controllers have all the required information and statistics so there is no need to query each Access Point individually.
Additionally, it is recommended to enable SNMP in the management policy servicing the Wireless Controllers and disable in the management policy servicing the Access Points
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