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What is the maximum possible combinations for mirroring

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TitleWhat is the maximum possible combinations for mirroring
How many mirroring instance can be configured and what are the maximum possible combinations
  • ExtremeXOS 15.3 and above
  • Black Diamond and Summit series switches
You can have a maximum of 16 mirroring instances in the switch (including default mirroring instance) but only 4 can be active at a time on any switch or stack, as explained below:
• Four (4) ingress
• Three (3) ingress and one (1) egress
• Two (2) ingress and two (2) egress

The maximum possible combinations for mirroring instances include:
• 2 (ingress + egress)
• 1 (ingress + egress) + 2 ingress
• 1 (ingress + egress) + 1 egress + 1 ingress

In general, there are four hardware resource slots. Each single instance uses one slot, while
one (ingress + egress) instance uses two slots. So, you can use of total four slots, but there
can be no more then two egress instances.

The mirroring filter limits discussed later do not apply when you are using ACLs or CLEARFlow.
Up to 128 mirroring filters can be configured across all active mirroring instances.

For more information on mirroring please refer to the User guide formerly called as concepts guide Where can I find documentation for Extreme products?
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