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What is the procedure to recover passwords on a Securestack via the reset button

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TitleWhat is the procedure to recover passwords on a Securestack via the reset button
  • How to reset admin password
  • Password recovery
  • Admin password locked out
  • Reset passwords
  • Securestack
  • C5 Series
  • B5 Series
  • Firmware All Versions
1. Locate the password reset button on the back of the switch. Image below ( 1) shows location

B5/C5 reset button location
2. Connect a local console cable to the switch
3. Press-and-hold the password reset button for 6 seconds while the switch is operational.Release after 6 seconds This changes the login password to the default password and will be indicated by means of the command line interface (CLI step2) only.
   The CLI console screen will indicate the password recovery button has been pressed. 
4. Logon to the switch using the default password via the Console port and assign a new password using the CLI. 
5. The steps above do not reset the system 
Additional notes
Note: If the admin user account is locked out (typically because someone entered the wrong password multiple times), resetting the admin password with the password reset button will not unlock the admin user account. In order to unlock the admin user account, you can wait for the configured lockout time to expire or you can power cycle the switch to reboot it.

If the reset button procedure does not work see the following article. 
How to reset password on Securestack switch



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