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What is the use of hysteresis value in a clear flow rule

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TitleWhat is the use of hysteresis value in a clear flow rule
What is the use of hysteresis in a clear flow rule. 
  • EXOS
  • Summit and BlackDiamond switches
  • Clear-flow
As per the below example.The Notify_Broadcast rule will be triggered when the broadcast packets exceeds 500 for the period of 1 second. 

After the delta statement is true, the value of the threshold is adjusted so that a change smaller than the hysteresis value will not cause the statement to become false. For statements using the REL_OPER > or >=, the hysteresis value is subtracted from the threshold; for < or <=, the hysteresis value is added to the threshold.

The Rule Notify_Broadcast until the Delta value falls below (Delta -hysteresis) (500-50) = 450 

entry Count_Broadcast { 
if match all { 
    ethernet-destination-address ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff ;
then {
    count countbcast;
entry Notify_Broadcast { 
if match all { 
    delta countbcast > 500 ;
    period 1 ;
    hysteresis 50;
then {
    syslog "Broadcast Flooding Detected on Port $port. Delta counter value is $ruleValue now" NOTI 60 ;
else {
    syslog "Broadcast Flooding Cleared on Port $port" NOTI 60 ;
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