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What is the virtual IP address used for WiNG captive portal redirection?

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TitleWhat is the virtual IP address used for WiNG captive portal redirection?
What IP is used to redirect non-authorized users in WiNG based captive portal?
  • All Summit WM3000 Series Controllers
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  • WiNG 5 Software
In case captive portal server is hosted on WiNG device internally and there is no virtual server host FQDN configured, captive portal will use IP address of to perform redirection.
As this IP got resolvable to CloudFare, it’s best practices to update Captive Portal Server hostname to make sure that process is working correctly.

When there is a server host FQDN entry within Captive portal configuration (server host test.ip), wireless client will be redirected to such domain name instead.
However, local IP is still used for internal reporting (cpstats)
client:mu_mac: A0-C9-A0-B1-8A-D4 redirect url: http://test.ip:880/CP-WLAN/login.html?hs_server=test.ip&Qv=it
client:reg status [] [2] for A0-C9-A0-B1-8A-D4 (extif.c:1358)
client:sent HS_ADD_REQ response to cgi for A0-C9-A0-B1-8A-D4 (extif.c:1363)
client:client:A0-C9-A0-B1-8A-D4 cpstats ip : (failover.c:387)

Additional notes
Chrome v67 and above, automatically redirects traffic sent to to Cloudflare, which is a new service offering DNS over HTTPS.
Many captive portal vendors, including WiNG, use as an internal redirection IP/hostname for guest network splash pages.




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