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What does "adoption status version-mismatch" mean?

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TitleWhat does "adoption status version-mismatch" mean?
What does adoption status version-mismatch mean, and how to fix it?
  • Wireless WiNG
When you see version-mismatch status of adopted device (i.e. using 'show adoption status' command), it means current controller image version does not correspond with current image version of adopted device.
  • In that case, no configuration is pushed to adopted device to avoid possible damage to the adopted unit.
  • Also, the correct stats retrieving done on controller and rf-domain manager will not occur and it will show misleading information for client connectivity, client position (if any location/coordinates has been configured for each AP) and client stats on radio.
It is possible to fix it using upgrade procedure as described for instance in article below.
How to upgrade WiNG AP
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