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What options are there for loop protection in EXOS?

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TitleWhat options are there for loop protection in EXOS?
What protocols can be used for loop protection in EXOS?
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There are two primary options for this, ELRP or STP with edge-safeguard and bpdu-restrict.
  • ELRP (Extreme Loop Recovery Protocol): ELRP is a basic loop protection protocol that uses multicast packets to detect loops, and can be configured to disable ports to recover loops. Note, in EXOS 22.2 and above ELRP supports dynamically created VLANs created by Netlogin.  On EXOS 21.1 and older ELRP and Netlogin cannot be enabled on the same port.  Further information on ELRP can be found in the articles linked below. 
  • STP with edge-safeguard and bpdu-restrict: When configured with BPDU restrict, edge-safeguard ports send BPDUs at a rate of one every two seconds. The port is disabled as soon as a BPDU is received on the BPDU restrict port, blocking the loop. A recovery timeout can be configured to re-enable the port after a set amount of time. A sample configuration for RSTP with edge-safeguard and bpdu-restrict can be found in the article linked below.
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