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What ports do WING APs & WLC need to communicate?

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TitleWhat ports do WING APs & WLC need to communicate?
What ports does WING APs & WLC need to communicate?
Wireless controllers and Access Points use the MiNT protocol as the primary means of device discovery and communication for Access point adoption and Management. MiNT provides a mechanism to discover neighbor devices in the network and exchange packets between devices irrespective of how these devices are connected (L2 or L3).

Protocol and Port
Layer 2 MiNT packets use the ether-type 0x8783 
Layer 3 MiNT packets use UDP port 24576


MiNT links can be established over a VLAN (Among Access Points on a VLAN) or IP (Remote access point to Wireless Controller)
MiNT Links are automatically created between Wireless Controllers and Access Points during adoption using MLCP (MiNT Link Creation Protocol). They can also be manually created between a Wireless Controller and Access Point (or) between Access Points. MiNT links are manually created between Wireless Controllers while configuring a cluster.
MLCP client on APs can be provisioned through DHCP option 189/191 to decide on the Level 2 MiNT link creation for controller discovery and adoption.

Level 2 MiNT links
Level 2 (or) Remote MiNT links are Wireless Controller aware links, and requires IP network for communication. This level 2 MiNT links at access points are intended for Remote Adaptive AP deployment and management from NOC. With Level2 MiNT links, access points are only aware of the wireless controllers and not about other Access points. Level 2 MiNT links also provide partitioning, between access points deployed at various remote sites. 
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