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When Do Changes to the NAC RE-Registration Interval Take Affect?

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TitleWhen Do Changes to the NAC RE-Registration Interval Take Affect?
When do changes to the NAC re-registration interval take affect?
  • NAC
  • Captive Portal
changes to the Re-registration Interval affect end-systems (ES) that register at any time after the User makes the change. However, end systems that have already Registered will continue operating on the previously defined Interval, this is because they are "stamped" with their Interval at the time of Registration and this is then stored to the DB.

If you wish to change the Interval on all end systems, including those that were Registered previously, delete the end systems and their associated Registration Information from the DB. This will force all end systems to go thru the Captive Portal (CP) Registration process again, and stamp the new Re-registration Interval into the DB as part of the new end system entry.
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