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When do we need lacp-cfg-det-dis command?

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TitleWhen do we need lacp-cfg-det-dis command?

This is a global command and is needed for Cisco interoperability. The command lacp-cfg-det-dis was introduced to resolve inter-op issue between Brocade and Cisco or other vendors.

In our LACP implementation, we set some combination of flags to detect a configuration change on the peer side, so that the peer can tear down the trunk faster and not black hole the traffic. But these flags could be set by other vendors under some other condition. Some vendors appear to set this flag after link up/down, if they are in LACP passive mode.


With the command lacp-cfg-det-dis we disable the check for this flag combination and let the LACP use its timers to detect configuration change.

If you do not use the command and bring a member of a LACP bundle back up the entire group goes down. This symptom may have occurred while bringing themember port of lag down.Thishas happenedbetween Cisco 6509 and NetIron XMR/MLX/CES/CER for instance.

Command lacp-cfg-det-dis disables detecting remote end LACP config removal (ignore the PDU with a special pattern sent by our devices upon LACP config removal). By default this is ON.

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