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When is a sensor considered offline by AirDefese ADSP

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TitleWhen is a sensor considered offline by AirDefese ADSP
When is a sensor considered offline by AirDefense ADSP Systems
  • AirDefense 
  • ADSP
  • AirDefense Services Platform
  • Sensor
  • Sensor Offline
  • Device offline
  • Alarm 
  • Version 9.x
Sensor Online/Offline:

An AirDefense ADSP Sensor is considered offline by the system if ADSP receives no frames from it for 90 seconds. However, there is a built-in 10 minute delay before the "Device Offline" alarm is raised to compensate for minor network fluctuations and to prevent the system operation from being flooded with many "Sensor Offline" "Sensor Back Online" email notifications.
ADSP is designed so the Sensor has been offline a full 10 minutes before the emails are sent. Adding the 10 minute delay to the initial 90 second wait along with processing delays can take about 13 minutes to raise the alarm after taking the sensor off the network altogether.
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