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When should EOS-based Licensing be Redeemed and Activated?

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TitleWhen should EOS-based Licensing be Redeemed and Activated?
  • When should EOS-based licensing be redeemed and activated?
  • Is there a reason to wait before processing an EOS license voucher in my Portal account?
  • Should I delay redeeming/activating my license because it otherwise might affect the product being licensed before I am ready?
  • SecureStack; C5-Series
  • K-Series, S-Series, 7100-Series
  • IdentiFi Wireless
  • NetSight Suite
The product which is to be licensed has no visibility into the status of the license data in your Portal account.
You are free to redeem and/or activate licensing at any time, with no direct impact on the product which is to be licensed.

It generally makes the most practical sense to redeem and activate a license voucher as soon as possible before it will be needed, to help ensure a minimum of delay when its generated Activation Key is to be configured into the product. One possible exception is evaluation licensing, which starts to age toward its end-of-life - at least 30 days thereafter - as soon as it is activated.
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