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Why AP650 or AP6532 lost WebGUI after upgrade?

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TitleWhy AP650 or AP6532 lost WebGUI after upgrade?
Why I am not able to access WebGUI at AP650 / AP6532 after upgrade?
Why there is not WebGUI after upgrade?
Is it possible to re-enable web interface at AP650 / AP6532?
  • WiNG 5.5 and above
  • AP650
  • AP6532
  • Altitude AP4600
  • Altitude AP4532
To preserve memory at lower grade APs there are two types of upgrade image
  1. LEAN image - does not contain WebGUI
  2. Full image - does contain WebGUI
When AP gets updated through controller it is automatically loaded with WebGUI-free image to provide more memory for MINT routes etc. It is expected that AP is managed centrally and does not need own WebGUI.

Example of release notes:
User-added image
Additional notes
Using standalone image / full image to upgrade AP will bring WebGUI back.



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