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Why I am unable to obtain IP by DHCP on CB3000 with WiNG Controller?

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TitleWhy I am unable to obtain IP by DHCP on CB3000 with WiNG Controller?
Why are clients connected to the CB3000 unable to obtain a DHCP IP?


  • CB3000 WiNG Controller
The CB3000 is getting an IP address, but not the clients behind the CB3000.
  1. Make sure you are using latest version of firmware on your device.
  2. Assume following standard configuration:
    firewall-policy default
    no ip dos smurf
    no ip dos twinge
    no ip dos invalid-protocol
    no ip dos router-advt
    no ip dos router-solicit
    no ip dos option-route
    no ip dos ascend
    no ip dos chargen
    no ip dos fraggle
    no ip dos snork
    no ip dos ftp-bounce
    no ip dos tcp-intercept
    no ip dos broadcast-multicast-icmp
    no ip dos land
    no ip dos tcp-xmas-scan
    no ip dos tcp-null-scan
    no ip dos winnuke
    no ip dos tcp-fin-scan
    no ip dos udp-short-hdr
    no ip dos tcp-post-syn
    no ip dos tcphdrfrag
    no ip dos ip-ttl-zero
    no ip dos ipspoof
    no ip dos tcp-bad-sequence
    no ip dos tcp-sequence-past-window
    no ip-mac conflict
    no ip-mac routing conflict
  3. Go to firewall policies and re-enable Stateful DHCP Flow and No conversion offer to DHCP unicast.
  4. dhcp-offer-convert // make it “no dhcp-offer-convert”
    no stateful-packet-inspection-l2
    no flow dhcp stateful // make it “flow dhcp stateful”
    alg sip
    alg sccp

Additional notes
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