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Why I do see different NSight applications after upgrade?

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TitleWhy I do see different NSight applications after upgrade?
Why I do see extra appliacations after upgred of NSight?
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  • WiNG 5+ Software 
Upon upgrade to i.e. WiNG 5.9 there are added extra items into AVC.
This results in NSight showing slightly different application recognition when compared with older versions.

Example of NSight based on WiNG 5.8

User-added image

Example of NSight based on WiNG 5.9

User-added image

This obviously won't work in mixed environment as mentioned in article Do we support firmware mismatch between WiNG infrastructure and standalone Nsight?
Additional notes
Refer to release notes WiNG 5.9.1
NSight AVC:
    a. NSight widgets may show applications and protocols from previous release in case there is no matching application with new DPI engine.
    b. New client per app widget – new widget allows user to see the new dashboard which shows app name, number of clients using the app, and throughput usage.




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