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Why I see problems importing WiNG VX9000 to AWS?

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TitleWhy I see problems importing WiNG VX9000 to AWS?
How to mitigate problems importing VX9000 to Amazon Web Service EC2?
  • ExtremeWiNG  VX9000 Controller
  • WirelessWiNG VX9000 Controller
  • WiNG 5 Software
Make sure you fulfill below conditions
VX9000 must NOT be used before imported to AWS

VX9000 does NOT support any VHD changes once imported to AWS

In other words – you have to scale the VHD size before deploying the VX to AWS without even logging into it.
Once the installation of VX9000 is done, you shall immediately start the import process as described in How to prepare the environment to install VX9000 on Amazon EC2 cloud?

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