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Why am I not able to configure UDLD on LAG port?

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TitleWhy am I not able to configure UDLD on LAG port?
If a port is configured as a part of dynamic LAG, then configuring UDLD (link keepalive) will give the following error:

LX-ME2(config)#link-keepalive e 1/1
Error: Link-keepalive cannot be enabled for port 1/1. This port is part of a dynamic lag.

Dynamic LAG and UDLD are not supported together; the reason being that UDLD and dynamic LAG both check the status of the link; and if the UDLD orLACP packets are not received, the link is brought down.

Since bothperform similar functions, using either dynamic LAG or UDLD is supported, but not both together.

Note: UDLD can be enabled on static LAGports.

A documentationchangehasbeen requested for better clarificationregarding the ambiguity of thisfeature support.

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