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Why are switch ports listed as Interswitch in Policy Manager

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TitleWhy are switch ports listed as Interswitch in Policy Manager
Why are switch ports listed as Interswitch in Policy Manager
  • Netsight
  • Policy Manager
  • Extreme Management Center
Ports shown as Interswitch in Policy Manager have detected one of three protocols on the port identified as follows:
  • Phones or other devices that use LLDP (Link Layer Discovery Protocol)
  • Neighbor switches that use CDP (Cabletron Discovery Protocol); typically Cabletron/Enterasys legacy switches
  • Neighbor switches that use EDP (Extreme Discovery Protocol); typically Extreme switches running XoS

If any of these are detected the port will be identified as an Interswitch link indicating that one of these protocols has been detected and the port is not simply an access port with end devices such as a PC or other device that doesn't send out any of these packet types.

Additional notes
The switch port type is used by Policy Manager to help decide whether or not configurations should be set on the port using global features such as the port configuration wizard and setting authentication.  In those configuration settings the Policy Manager client will pop up a dialog screen asking if you want to set parameters on Interswitch ports or to exclude them.  Other than this, the port type displayed as Access or Interswitch has no other effect. 

The port type is not manually configurable and will be set to Interswitch when any of the described protocols is detected on a port.



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