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Why are you unable to upgrade VDX image from NOS v2.0.1a to NOS 2.1.0?

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TitleWhy are you unable to upgrade VDX image from NOS v2.0.1a to NOS 2.1.0?
p>The firmware download failed due to following reasons:

Server IP: X.Y.Z.W, Protocol IPv4
Checking system settings for firmware download...

The following item(s) need to be addressed before downloading the specified firmware:
Cannot downgrade to the requested firmware version. Please downgrade to 6.3.1 first and then download the desired firmware version.

Firmwaredownload failed.

w2-viewscal-br114# show version

Network Operating System Software
Network Operating System Version: 2.0.1
Copyright (c) 1995-2010 Brocade Communications Systems, Inc.
Build Time: 01:52:33 May 13, 2011
Firmware name: v2.0.1aControl Processor: Freescale Semiconductor 8548E with 2000 MB of memory

Appl Primary/Secondary Versions
NOS v2.0.1a


The zip extractor was not correctly extracting the required files from the SWDB097 folder (amongst others required for the VDX6720) due to corrupted 2.1.0 image.

Please verify checksum and make sure checksum is correct. If problems persist, please call Brocade Support.

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