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Why aren't my WiNG APs broadcasting the WLAN SSID?

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TitleWhy aren't my WiNG APs broadcasting the WLAN SSID?
Why aren't the APs broadcasting the WLAN SSID?
  • WiNG controllers
  • WiNG APs
  • WiNG 5.x
Here are the most common reasons why adopted APs are not broadcasting the SSID:
  1. APs are not adopted by the controller: 
#show adoptions status
  1. APs adopted by with errors: What do the entries in the CFG-STAT column mean when viewing the 'show adoption status' output in WiNG?
  2. The country code is not set in the RF-Domain
#conf t
#rf-domain <rf-domain-name>
#show context                         (to verify if country code is set, if it isn't, proceed)
#country code <2-letter-country-code>
#com wr
  1. The WLANs are not mapped to the radio. This is done from the Interface > Radio Menu. This can be a global (AP profile) or device (Override) setting
#show wireless radio wlan-map
  1. Mismatch between the controller and AP firmware versions. Upgrade the AP/s, controller/s or both so that the firmware version matches and is the latest recommended/supported version: 
  1. Make sure that Select shutdown is not enabled in the smart-rf policy resulting in hidden APs: How to disable the Smart-rf 2.0 Select-Shutdown feature in WiNG 5.9.2.x
  2. Wrong AP SKU: i.e. if a -WR SKU AP is adopted by a -US SKU controller, a -US SKU AP adopted by a -WR SKU controller or a -WR SKU AP adopted by an EU SKU controller on firmware older than In the latter case, the minimum supported version is, but it is recommended to upgrade to a more recent version if possible, per this article: Can WiNG AP with SKUs ending in WR be deployed in the European Union?
  3. Check the rf-domain overrides to make sure that the WLAN is not shut down:
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If none of the above reasons is the cause of your issue, please contact the technical support team for further troubleshooting and assistance.
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