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Why do X670V fans stop when adding a fan tray ?

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TitleWhy do X670V fans stop when adding a fan tray ?
Why do all of the X670V fans stop after adding a fan module to an operating switch?
   17101   X670V-48x-FB
   17102   X670V-48x-BF
   17105   X670V-48t-FB
   17106   X670V-48t-BF
   17200   X670V-48t-base unit
   17201   X670V-48t-FB-AC
   17202   X670V-48t-BF-AC
   17203   X670V-48t-FB-DC
   17204   X670V-48t-BF-DC
   17205   X670V-48t-FB-MIX
   17206   X670V-48t-BF-MIX
Software:   All XOS

The Summit X670V and all Summit switches support hot swapping of fan modules – a failed fan module can be replaced while the system is powered and operational.
No Summit switch should be powered on without a full complement of fans installed.
Powering up any Summit switch without all the fans installed is not supported and may result in overheating of the switch or other unexpected behavior. This unexpected behavior may include the failure of all fan modules upon the insertion of an additional fan module.
Work Around:
  1. Power down the switch
  2. Install a full complement of fan modules in the switch
  3. Power up the switch
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