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Why does the AP 3700 series firmware stop at

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TitleWhy does the AP 3700 series firmware stop at
  • Why does the AP 3700 series firmware stop at
  • Why does the AP 37xx series firmware stop at
  • Why is there only firmware for the AP 3700 series in the latest firmware?
  • Why are my AP 3700 series not upgrading past when I load later firmware?
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  • and higher
From the release notes:

Since the End of SW support dates have passed for AP37xx in December 2018, there will be no further features or bug fixes for the AP37xx platform. However, the AP37xx will continue to register to the V10.41 Controller. As a result, the following will be the last supported images for AP37xx:

AP that are End of SW Support since Dec 31, 2018
Wireless AP3705iAP3705- .img
Wireless AP3710i
Wireless AP3710e
AP3710- .img
Wireless AP3715i
Wireless AP3715e
AP3715- .img
Wireless AP3765i
Wireless AP3765e
W78XC-2- .img
Wireless AP3767eW78XC-2- .img
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