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Why is Fan Information Not Available on 2G4072-52 ?

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TitleWhy is Fan Information Not Available on 2G4072-52 ?
Why is Fan Information Not Available on 2G4072-52 ?
CLI "show system" or "show system hardware all" command has been entered.
Fan information is not available in the 2G4072-52.  The CLI command "show system hardware all" will produce a display that reports fan info not available.

Example 1:

GS_N1(su)->show system hardware all


   Chassis Type:               NSA Chassis (0x07)
   Chassis Serial Number:      05116138630D
   Chassis Power Supply 1:     Installed & Not Operating, AC/DC, Not Redundant
   Chassis Power Supply 2:     Installed & Operating, AC/DC, Not Redundant
   Chassis Fan:                Info Not Available
   PoE Power Redundancy:       Redundancy Not Supported
   PoE Power Supply 1:         Not Supported
   PoE Power Supply 2:         Not Supported
   PoE Power Supply 3:         Not Supported
   PoE Power Supply 4:         Not Supported
   Min Switch Chip Revision:   1.50

(output abbreviated)

This is normal and functions as designed.

In lieu of the fan information there is a temperature alarm which will report either Off (normal temperature) or ON (excessively high temperature.)

To display the temperature alarm type this command:

show system

to view this display:
GS_N1(su)->show system
System contact:  GTAC
System location: Laboratory
System name:     GS_N1

Temp-Alarm       Uptime d,h:m:s   Logout
---------------  ---------------  -------------
off                 112,21:35:59  10 min

PS Number  | PS Status     | PS Type
1          | faulty        | Internal AC
2          | ok            | Internal AC

Fan Number | Fan Status
1          | not available


If the temp alarm shows "on" then the temperature inside the cabinet is excessively high.  
Additional notes
  • If the Temp-Alarm shows "on" the cause needs to be investigated.  
  • Check for ambient temperature, dust or other blockage of the ventilation ports on the sides of the cabinet, or a non-functioning fan.  
  • Clean as required or provide proper clearance around the cabinet.*
  • If a non-functioning fan is found then contact the Extreme Networks GTAC.

*Environment notes from page 3-2 of the Hardware Installation Manual:   
  • A temperature of between 5°C (41°F) and 40°C (104°F) must be maintained at the installation site with fluctuations of less than 10°C (18°F) per hour. 
  • Caution: To ensure proper ventilation and prevent overheating, leave a minimum clearance space of 5.1 cm (2.0 in.) at the left, right, and rear of the device.



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