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Why is my WiNG AP not getting adopted by the VX9000?

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TitleWhy is my WiNG AP not getting adopted by the VX9000?
Why is my AP not getting adopted by the VX9000?
  • WiNG APs
  • VX9000
  • WiNG 5.x
  • CLI
  • SSH or Console (baud rate: 115200 or 19200)
In this situation the following conditions were met:
  1. Successful ping between the controller and AP and vice versa
  2. Mint Link was successfully established between both
Running the following command on the controller provided us with more details on this issue:
#show adoption pending
The AP was listed as pending adoption and the reason was due to a missing VX appliance license. 
We confirmed this by running the following command:
#show lic
Installing the VX appliance license resolved issue and allowed the AP to properly adopt and pull the config. 

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