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Why is the AP7632 not adopting to Extreme Cloud?

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TitleWhy is the AP7632 not adopting to Extreme Cloud?
Why is the AP7632 not adopting to Extreme Cloud?
  • WiNG 
  • ExtremeCloud
  • AP7632

If a WiNG supported AP is either manually or via wireless controller upgraded the default adoption mode is altered. After, the AP will not adopt to the ExtremeCloud.
In order to revert the default adoption mode its required to factory default the configuration.
  1. Please use this command to erase startup-config from AP CLI.
erase startup-config
Erase startup-config? (y/n): y
  1. Use ' reloadcommand to reboot AP.
The system will be rebooted, do you want to continue? (y/n): y
Save current configuration? ([y]es/[n]o/[d]isplay unsaved/[c]ancel reload): y
  1. After AP reboots, you can use the 'sh adoption status' command to check
sh adoption status
  1. AP should show either
Discovering adoption mode (controller / cloud / ws-controller) ...
 -  which means it has gone into discovery mode

Adoption Mode: CLOUD
Adopted by: CLOUD
- which means it has connected to the cloud.
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