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Why the memory is low in the NetSight Server?

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TitleWhy the memory is low in the NetSight Server?
NetSight has 24GB memory installed. However, from the output of "free -m". It indicates 99% of the memory has been used up and only 1% memory are available.

root@GAD4NETAPP02.eis.local:/proc$ free -m 
total used free shared buffers cached 
Mem: 24113 23900 213 0 157 16334 
-/+ buffers/cache: 7408 16705 
Swap: 8191 297 7894 
  • NetSight
The reason why you see low memory in the NetSight server. It is because of the disk caching.
Disk Caching makes the system much faster and it borrowing unused memory from the system. If application want more memory, they just take back that disk cache borrowed immediately. That’s the reason why it looks like you are low on memory but you are not.
Please noticed that Disk caching is used by Linux, not NetSight.
Here is the way how to see how much ram is free to use for your application, run “free –m” and look at “free” column in the row that say “-/+ buffers/cache”.

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