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Why would Bonjour service not be discovered on WiNG wireless?

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TitleWhy would Bonjour service not be discovered on WiNG wireless?
What is the most probable reason you do not see Bonjour service on Wireless LAN?
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In general Bonjour uses mDNS as link local multicast over your network.
That means it is not possible to route this between subnets and it usually generates heavy traffic when there is a good number of services / devices connected. 

WiNG feature Bonjour Gateway by monitoring Bonjour advertisements and building a cache.
This is done over a VLAN and might be drive by a Bonjour Discovery policy which may disallow certain services in a particular interface.

To allow i.e. AirTV over wireless VLAN 1000 you shall create a Bonjour GW discovery policy, permint AirPlay and map this to WLAN 
VX(config)# bonjour-gw-discovery-policy AirTV
VX(config-bonjour-gw-discovery-policy-AirTV)# allow-service AirPlay local

VX(config)# wlan AirTV
VX(config-wlan-AirTV)# use bonjour-gw-discovery-policy AirTV
VX(config-wlan-AirTV)# vlan 1000

However, in routed or tunneled environment you may noticed that service discovery does not work.
Then you have to create Bonjour Forwarding policy and map it to a forwarding device
VX(config)# bonjour-gw-forwarding-policy 500-to-1000
VX(config-bonjour-gw-forwarding-policy-500-to-1000)# forward-bonjour-response from-vlans 500 to-vlans 1000 rule-index 10

VX# self
VX(config-device-00-0C-29-7C-DE-1F)# use bonjour-gw-forwarding-policy 500-to-1000

This will ensure that the service traverses from VLAN 500 to VLAN 1000 which is used for WLAN
Double check with command below
VX# show bonjour services 
VX# show bonjour services on AP
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