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WiNG v5.8.6.0 Radio Quality Index Differences From Previous Releases

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TitleWiNG v5.8.6.0 Radio Quality Index Differences From Previous Releases
Has the Radio-Quality Indexes changed in WiNG v5.8.6.0 compared to previous releases?
WiNG Controllers

There was a change made on WiNG 5.8.6 regarding RF- Quality index. The RF-Quality Index will be grayed out until a wireless device associates to the radio, after which, it will give a reading. If no wireless clients are associated to the radio, it will be grayed out. This was a change in WiNG 5.8.6. Previous releases always show the RF-Quality Index with a color, even without a wireless client associated to the radio. 

The following is under New Features in the WiNG 5.8.6 release notes. This is under NSight, but affects the existing RF-Quality that is displayed under Dashboard and/or Statistics on WiNG 5 Wireless Controllers.

Live RF Matrix Widgets

Introducing a new classification for wireless clients, access points and rf-domains based on a scale of 1 to 5 (5-Excellent, 4-Good, 3-Average, 2-Fair, 1-Poor) for the following 5 key RF statistics:

– RSSI (Signal level of the client as seen by the AP)

– SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio)

– Tx Rate (802.11 PHY Data Rate used for AP to Wireless client (Downlink)

- Rx Rate (802.11 PHY Data Rate used for Wireless Client to AP (Uplink)

– Retry Percentage

****Existing RF-Quality-Index parameter has been modified to use the above 1-5 scale as well**** (This is reference to the Dashboard and/or Statistices on WiNG 5 Wireless Controllers)
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