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WiNG5 AP displaying other APs when using the AP CLI command "show cdp neighbors"

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TitleWiNG5 AP displaying other APs when using the AP CLI command "show cdp neighbors"
Why is the WiNG5 AP seeing other WiNG5 APs when using the following command via the AP CLI "show cdp neighbors"?
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  • AP622
All WiNG5 devices (controllers and APs) have CDP (Cisco Discovery Protocol) enabled by default. If the managed switch that the AP is physically connect to supports CDP and is enabled, the AP should only see the switch details that the AP is physically plugged into, not other network devices (e.g. APs).

If the AP see's other network devices besides the details of the physical switch the AP is plugged into, the following could be contributing to why the AP is seeing other CDP network devices.

Need to check the L2 switch that the WiNG5 APs are physically plugged into and ensure that port mirroring is not enabled on the ports that the APs are physically plugged into.

If the APs are plugged into a mix of CDP enabled managed switches and un-managed switches/dumb hubs, these devices do not support CDP and the AP could see the other APs that are physically plugged into the same switch.

The following is an example with a L2 switch that supports CDP, but had port mirroring enabled on the physical ports of the L2 switches that the AP6521 and AP8432 were plugged into:

AP6521-xxxx#show cdp neighbors
       Device ID                Platform            Local Interface      Port ID       Duplex
ap8432-5C1FEE                 AP-8432-680B30-US         ge1                 ge1         full
EX-3548 Managed POE/POE+      Switch EX-3548            ge1                             full
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